here is something money can not buy, the plg culture

When one wins, we all win
— Peter Lorimer

Culture is the beating heart of PLG, many companies say this but for us our culture is an ethos to live and die by. "We want you to be you" is the chant within our walls, we do not want our agents to feel like they have to conform to an overly corporate structure simulating a hamster on a wheel, quite the contrary.

Yes, we are not the norm, and thats just how we like it
— Cindy Lorimer

We embrace each and every nuance of our agents persona encouraging them to run toward the traits of their personality they feel show the world who they are, never hiding or feeling that they need to pretend to be someone they are not. This "take me as I am" approach by definition breeds a more confident agent with their North star always being and unwavering from "whatever is in the best interests of the client first" mantra being the navigator of how PLG operates. Additionally, we wanted our clients to experience a far more creative environment than the sterile norm so that the byproduct os an open, free and utterly transparent experience that, thankfully, our clients seem to gravitate to as evidenced by the constant repeat business our agents receive.

Last but certainly not least is, we at PLG treat each other as family, when one wins we all win and one loses we circle the wagons to nurture, learn and grow how we can all benefit from the experience. Yes we are not the norm, but thats just how we like it here at PLG and if you are looking for a swat team of creatively minded entrepreneurs then look no further than PLG. - Peter Lorimer