Julia Chen

Julia is a passionate citizen of the World, born in Taipei, Taiwan, and raised and educated in Los Angeles. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art from the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.  After graduation, she worked as a graphic designer and art director for major design and advertising firms in Chicago and Los Angeles, including Grey Direct, Bowes Dentsu, and Ogilvy & Mather.  


Julia has a keen eye for what makes a property valuable, ranging from development-property acquisitions and multi-unit properties to ideal single-family dwellings. On the seller's side, she knows what makes a property worth more, and on the buyer's side she knows when there is a bargain. Julia has extensive knowledge of the best Los Angeles areas for diverse interests, ranging from good communities for raising families to dynamic settings for sophisticated cosmopolitans. Julia's background as an artist and designer also helps her clients vitalize their properties to realize their fullest aesthetic ideals.  


She forms partnerships with her clients based on trust and mutually achieving the highest outcomes. Julia is an invaluable ally, sophisticated advisor, and trusted representative.  


Much of her mental approach, balance, and vision comes from raising her two beautiful sons, her extensive practice as a yoga teacher, and her love and appetite for life, romance, travel, cuisine, and adventure.

OFFICE: 310 788.0700
MOBILE: 310 435.5484
FAX: 424 288.5562
BRE#: 01993611