THE PLG's + 1

PLG is pulling it all together with this one, a blog a la mode style.  Real Estate with a hearty topping of entertainment.   

We're an imaginative bunch, woven as one by the very particular stitches that make up Los Angeles.  Initially, we fell in love with finding and sharing the magical homes that fill this glorious city, but quickly became smitten once again.  This time, with the “who and what” that fill those enchanted homes in which we sell.  

Entertainment reigns in this perpetually chipper city-of-stars and the sky never does.  Always sunny and always exciting.  Just the way we like it!

This blog is essentially a privileged peek into the world that is all things creative, and we plan on tending to all; those with a film fixation, TV addiction, the pro-concert-goer, house porn voyeur, new music glutton, cultural connoisseur and anyone who is simply as intrigued by extreme talent as we are.  This is an exclusive backstage guest list that you’ve landed a spot on.

A place where all of our daily worlds morph into one, and we grab hold of that thrilling thread that ties them all together, creativity.   

Come be our +1 and check back every Friday for a new post!

Juefeng Ge