THE DREAM TEAM: Get Away With Murder

Puzzle Edition 

By Duck Kolenik

We love our TV shows over here at The PLG!  And, I will confess that I watch an almost embarrassing amount of them.  I say almost because it's equal parts work and equal parts escape.  At least that's what I tell myself.  Regardless of why you tune in, it's truly the ideal time to be a fantasy seeker in the often utterly surreal and hectic times of today.  TV is an easily accessible distraction that we all deserve to get lost in some of the time. Or even a lot of time.  Here's to having unity through TV!

I was watching How To Get Away With Murder, the other night, and I had an overwhelming feeling that I desperately wanted Annalise Keating in my life.  (If you are unfamiliar with the show, she is the slightly unhinged, slightly wicked insurgent and brilliant protagonist).  I thought, "If anything bad ever happened, she would save me."  A modern-day Prince Charming, only Charming is a Princess and would be rescuing me from prison, not some curse or furnished tower.  You get the point.  I then sifted through the catalog of consumed "TV saviors," filed away in my brain, and pondered...

Who would I pluck from all of my favorite (current) shows for the sole purpose of creating a fictitious dream team to get myself out of a jam - a big, fat, I’m wrongly accused of murder, type jam?  Taking a page out of Annalise’s playbook, I now ask you, how would YOU try to get away with murder (one in which you didn’t commit) AND whom would you want by your side?

Of course, you need to have a proper defense team, the true detective and trained professional, but you also need a couple wild cards.  My thinking is, in order to get out of a shady situation you probably need a shady soul on your team, preferably with a benevolent side.

Find my picks with the hints above & below! Enjoy. 

(Look for the full name of the character on the show.  Answers below!)


1- The Queen of the courtroom

2- Conman with a conscience

3- She’s not a virgin, but someone she knows is…

4- Pregnant Detective in London

5- He makes trial science cool

6- Raised 5 kids who weren’t hers

7- The ultimate fixer 



ANSWERS  1- Annalise Keating - (How To Get Away With Murder) – Viola Davis, 2- Marius Josipovic / Pete (Sneaky Pete) - Giovanni Ribisi, 3- Petra Solano (Jane The Virgin) - Yael Grobglas, 4- DI Kip Glaspie (Collateral) - Carey Mulligan, 5- Dr. Jason Bull (Bull) – Michael Weatherly, 6- Fiona Gallagher (Shameless) – Emmy Rossum, 7- Ray Donovan (Ray Donovan) – Liev Schrieber

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