Netflix Recommends : What They Say About You

I'll start by admitting that I am a sucker for chill quizzes crafted to help you get to know your innermost self a bit more intimately.  I’m the kind of person that panics during multiple-choice questionnaires.  “How would you rate your experience of customer service based on a scale of 1-5?  (5 being completely satisfied). “  What does that mean exactly?  I need more variables, more specifics to formulate my answer.  Let me think, “it was a pleasant enough exchange, but maybe it could have been better?  It also could have been worse?  4.3.”  Oh God, only round numbers.  That’s not an option! 

I found out rather early on that I should avoid customer contentment surveys all together, even if they promise the chance to win free burritos for a year.  I do, however, force myself to complete them, because secretly I hope they bring about some persona clarification, which, I think everyone could use.  After all, it is such an exciting time in the world right now to be whoever it is you want to be.  Why not figure out who that person is through a quiz written by a stranger!  I'm still not entirely keen on the answer-by-number ones, but the entertainment alternatives are just my style. 

I often head to Buzzfeed when trying to unearth said buried factoids about myself.   What I find out is also usually useful as party small talk or as means of shifting a conversation away from politics with close-minded acquaintances.  I know what Disney Princess I am (Moana), what ‘Friends’ character I should cohabitate with (Gunther), what blood would run through my veins in ‘Game Of Thrones’ (Lannister) and even which Melissa McCarthy character I most identify with (Susan Cooper).  The most titillating part of each test is the finish when you see all possible outcomes.  The real question then is: Do you believe you are who the algorithm genie says you are?  The catch is that our answers depend on so many factors; the weather, your mood, the breakfast you forgot to have, your drive to work or if the person you fancy texted you back yet that day, etc.  For instance, sometimes I fit neatly into house Gryffindor, and sometimes they should lock me out.  I’m Slytherin all the way on weekends.  If my results were at least either, they would each still be considered correct, right?  A broken clock and all that.

Once in a while the findings actually make you question yourself a little deeper though, which is a valuable bonus.  “Am I really more of a Samantha than a Carrie?”  That’s some soul-expanding, self-reflection right there!  So, after doing a semi-concerning amount of quizzes one night and feeling full with the plethora of information I learned about myself, I went onto Netflix to unwind.  The “Top Picks for Duck," struck me for seemingly the first time.  Typically when I log in, it’s with tunnel vision to pop off something specific that I have a hankering for.  I decided to refrain from clicking on “Continue watching for Duck” and take a leap instead.  I viewed their suggestions as if another quiz of sorts, and did a deep dive into the world of movies and TV they devised just for me.     

What I found was…

Brilliance!  They were sweetly spot on.  Somehow, they managed to represent all parts of me; my pleasures (guilty and otherwise), the bulk of genres and forms I usually gravitate towards (some I even forgot I liked).  I’d say that only about 15% missed the mark.  We all have obscure dislikes or oddball deal breakers that Netflix would never be able to know or take into account.  All in all, I was pleasingly surprised by their particular suggestions and already started watching one I otherwise would have missed.  Whether you like quizzes or not, or if you are well versed in all things you or not, I recommend giving their list to you a whirl.

To conclude, I’m going to lay all my cards on the table right here and share with you EVERY one of their suggestions, the embarrassing ones and all.  Interestingly enough, they named some of my all-time favorites and others that I had severe crushes on, which I initially watched on their original platforms.  This list would suggest that I am obsessed with murder, London, mysteries, melodramas and the occasional laugh.  All accurate, I must admit.

 Call The Midwife, Grace and Frankie, Midsomer Murders, Longmire, Reckless, Father Brown, Blue Bloods, The Let Down, The Fall, The Five, The Rain, Imposters, Perfect Romance, Death In Paradise, Being Mary Jane: The Series, Doc Martin, A Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, Versailles, Broadchurch, Criminal Minds, Evil Genius, How To Get Away With Murder, Dexter, Rectify, Collateral, Murderous Hotel, Secrets In Our Eyes, Desolation, Schitt’s Creek.

 See what Netflix has to say about you!

Juefeng Ge