I Can't Quit Thinking About You: A List Of Episodes

By Duck Kolenik

As an already self-proclaimed TV addict, my turn around time for binging and then forgetting shows is faster than the average user, I fear.  I have a natural tendency to love ‘em and leave ‘em.  There are just so many options, so many delicious flavors.  I feel like life is just one big Tinder.  If the first 15 minutes of a show are pretty great, but I don’t feel like they could be the one, I don’t fret or sit and wonder if maybe I should give it a chance, I just jump ship.  Another figurative swipe left.  I used to look for potential.  Now I look for impossible perfection.  I do grapple with this.  I mutter in my subconscious, “What happened to commitment and sticking it out and compromise?” The answer…  One-click shopping!    

Of course, I countdown until my favorite characters come back each season, and I watch weekly to support them.  I am loyal, it’s just that the almost infinite amount of choices has made me fickle.  When I think of the vast mass of TV shows I ingest I think of soup.  I picture a pot simmering on my stove.  I put each ingredient in lovingly after cleaning, cutting and seasoning: broccoli, mushrooms, celery, carrots, potatoes, onion, orecchiette.  Yum!  Gorgeous and delectable in all its vibrant glory.   

A few days later I open the lid, mouth-watering again, ready to take in my work as leftovers, and the masterpiece is no more!  That kaleidoscope of color morphed into muddy brown with only flecks of orange.  It still smells and tastes good, but all its parts have become indecipherable.  All those shows, all that time and dedication condensed into vague goodness, sans a few bold ones… and those, my friend, are why we are here.  Carrots. 

Aka, the standout episodes that I just can’t quit thinking about. Below is my golden shortlist from the past year.  These winners each have something that has etched itself into my consciousness; one mere reality-altering line, the soul-jarring use of a song, a perfect gag, an uncomfortable soliloquy, etc.   Somehow they all managed to stay orange.

I highly recommend all of these shows, but if you are unsure if you want to commit to a full-on date, try these episodes like a Facetime chat and go from there if you fancy them.  Spoilers are just a part of the world we live in! Embrace that and maybe start in the middle of things.  You may just like where you end up! 

Which episodes can’t you shake?

“Episode 4” : Mindhunter

“Crocodile” : Black Mirror

“Darkroom” : The Americans

“Facial Recognition” : Silicon Valley

“June” : Handmaid’s Tale

“Episode 1” : Dr. Foster

“The Thief” : Master Of None

Juefeng Ge