HELLO JUNE: A Summer Movie Guide

By Duck Kolenik

Happy June 1st!

Summer seems to be a little late to the party this year.  Its arrival feels like it will be on par with that acquaintance who is the last to show up to your party, but also the last to leave.  He polishes off the wine and chomps the last of the hand-mashed guacamole, but he was also the life of the get-together, so you're blue to see him go.  If he were there any longer though, you probably wouldn’t have such cozy feelings and rethink the missing Merlot!

The LA sun that gives the illusion of a perpetual Groundhog Day will be hugging us again soon, so I revel in the pause.  Having New York blood makes me subconsciously yearn for a rainy down now and again, but it also makes me overly excited for summer.  The love of that 3 month stretch of sun that as a kid I would allow to mentally burn me, to get through the long winter, never really fades.  When I think back to those school doors opening to the sweltering possibilities of adolescence, I envision; warm pools, muddy knees, packed beaches, sandy soles, seaweed towers, Pro-Kadima, Band-Aids, neighbors' sprinklers, dropped lollipops, sunburns and peppered stars.  (If only Instagram could reach into my brain and screengrab the album.  Coming soon I’m sure.)

Just as lovingly, though, I also envision a blackened movie theater as frigid as a Snow Cone.   I remember welcoming the shift and feeling invigorated by it.  I do even more so now.  Being an adult is hard!  So, here's to changing it up this summer and channeling your inner kid.  When the PCH gets a tad too jammed and your thoughts too sweaty, bring on the figurative rainy day.  Here's your guide for shutting off the lights and taking a vacation, even if only for a couple of hours.  Below, I’ve picked the cream of the releases coming soon.   Enjoy!   

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom –  (Action, Sequel) If this installment is even half as exhilarating as the first, it’s sure to please.  I often think of the scene with the kids (Ty Simpkins & Nick Robinson) rolling away from certain death-by-dinosaur in the hamster ball for humans.  Terrifying!  

The Incredibles 2 – (Family, Sequel) I've seen almost every Pixar and Disney movie to date and consider The Incredibles to be one of my favorite animated families forever.  It’s been 14-years since the first one and surely will be well worth the decade and a half wait!  I recommend going with OR without the kiddos.     

Ocean’s 8 – (Action, Sequel) What could be better than the OG Ocean’s 11? A female version of it!  Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett,  Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling and so many more.  All of those huge names sharing one tiny screen.  Need I say more?

Hereditary – (Horror) There are few things I can think of more thrilling than seeing a horror movie in an actual theater.  This one looks unsettling enough to warrant wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up and string drawn to reveal a mere set of eyes.  From the producer of The Witch and with Toni Colette as the lead.  Godspeed.

Tag – (Comedy, Based On A True Story) The premise and cast alone would have made me pumped to see this one, but the added fact it’s based on real life puts it on a whole other level.  A group of friends has been playing a game of tag that lasts an entire month for 30 years and it doesn't stop for anything.  Sold! Jeremy Renner, John Hamm, Isle Fischer, Ed Helms…

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