How Do You Help a Timid Buyer Cross The Line?

Timid (adj.): showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened.


Timid buyers, hesitant buyers, people that are a little too scared to pull the trigger. How do we handle them? How do we get them to cross the line? Many real estate agents operate by this adage: “Get your buyer to cross the line no matter what.” However, this way of thinking and way of operating your real estate business has given the industry a bit of a bad rap.


I don’t believe this is the right way to go about it. I believe, before anything else, we should focus on being of service. Keep your head out of the results. It’s not about “getting someone to cross the line.” It’s about trust. Our job, as agents, is to be a coach and an advocate for our clients. The most precious commodity in this industry (and really in almost any industry) is trust. And trust will become eroded if you are pushy.


“Don’t look at every client as a paycheck, look at what you make in a year as a salary. And give everyone the same service.” This was a piece of advice I received from my wife, Cindy, at the beginning of my real estate career. This was some of the wisest advice I’ve ever received, and I now say this to all of my agents at PLG Estates. When we keep our head out of the results, and view our clients as people instead of paychecks, we can focus on working hard, being creative in serving, and instilling trust and courage in our clients.


There are multiple ways you can creatively serve your client. From making sure your buyer is knowledgeable on home warranties and insurance, to helping them have a deep understanding if the area they are moving to, there’s so many things a buyer’s agent can do to instill trust and, ultimately, to serve.