The Best Time to Take Listing Photographs

The first time someone sees a new listing is most likely going to be online. That online view is the first impression of the home. And you get about 7 seconds to make a good one before you get passed by and a potential buyer keeps looking. This means that showstopping photographs are a must for selling homes (especially when the market is neutral).

When it comes to taking listing photographs, I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Every house is different. Homes have different personalities, different vibes. And they are meant for different buyers. A home that is meant for a guy searching for a hip bachelor pad is probably going to need different listing photographs than a home meant for a family of four.

Several realtors will tell you “when the home has the most natural light” (which is usually at noon) is the best time to take listing photos. While this is not a bad approach, I believe it is a bit short-sighted. As agents, our clients’ interest should be our North Star, which means going above and beyond in every detail. That’s why I have a different approach.

When taking listing photos, I recommend hiring a photographer to come mid-afternoon and in the evening. Some houses look absolutely stunning with dusk light and even the night light. Other houses look breathtaking with daylight. Visual storytelling is an immense portion of our job as realtors, and to do it well means to pay attention to details, listen to the seller, really consider the home’s personality, and the potential buyers’ mindset.

When we go the extra mile by considering all the angles and really put effort into collateral like this, we send a message to our clients that we care. That builds trust. And trust, friends, is what we are really selling.