Do you ever hear about a remake of a movie you loved as a tot and immediately flutter your eyes so far into the top of your skull you think for a second they may get stuck?  I do.  And way too often these days.  The case was certainly no exception when I heard that my beloved Jumanji was being taken out for a spin.  I always get the same pang of betrayal in my gut, followed by a breathy “why”? The whole purpose of special China is for it to actually be special.  It can only stay as such if it is kept safely on display and only used once in a while.  This way, the meaning and fondness of its specialness remains.  If say, you took it out and painted another pattern over the original pattern you knew and loved for your entire life, it would become something completely foreign to you and ugly.  Memories and dishes destroyed! 

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Juefeng Ge